Battle Lolis – Soldiers Of Purity

Soldiers Of Purity
Soldiers Of Purity is a 2012 album by Battle Lolis that was self-released in 2012. Battle Lolis is one of my absolute favorite music things ever and is in my top 5 favorite artists/bands. The mastermind behind Battle Lolis commonly goes as Abra. The genre he makes as this alias is NESBM, Nintendo Entertainment System Black Metal.

Of course NESBM is obviously a play on the genre NSBM, National Socialist Black Metal, and lots of his music released as this alias carries nazi imagery and themes. Abra along with Frost (aka Evil Lolikon) ran a collective/movement called War Loli that went on for a few years. It consisted mostly of three people (Abra, Frost, and Little Raven [these are their names not their music projects]) independently releasing music, Goreshit was apparently a member too but wasn’t to involved, maybe because all the nazi stuff? The message of War Loli was to spread the idea that lolicon (Wikipedia if not familiar) should be accepted and not looked down upon. They spread this message through a ton of releases (ranging everywhere from black metal to trance) and a homemade magazine that went for a very few volumes.  Lots of the time the music was accompanied with a military theme, usually NS, but sometimes other countries/war in general was explored too. They would take Nazi and white supremacist imagery, themes, and ideas, and flip them to represent their own pro-lolicon agenda. This can be easily seen in this album, Soldiers Of Purity; lolis are pure, white supremacists see themselves as pure; see how this works?

As a die-hard lolicon with a military (preferably Nazi) uniform fetish and a love for music I became obsessed with War Loli instantly, which seemed to annoy Frost at times.

Now that the history lesson is over on to the album~

All of Battle Lolis is instrumental. Beautiful and amazing melodies accompanied by drums. All of the guitars and bass are done with chiptune synths but it doesn’t even feel like you’re listening to chiptune, as they would say, it’s anti-chiptune. It’s a lot more dark and artistic than the run-of-the-mill chiptune artist. It’s a perfect cross between black metal and chiptune. The melodies Abra does are insanely good. In this release (and others by him) the chip-guitars are also accompanied by piano. Seriously just listen to this it’s amazing.

Listen to the full album here

Download here



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