Picky Picnic

This post is a bit different this time. Instead of talking about a specific release I’m going to talk about one of the greatest bands ever instead~

Picky Picnic were an avant-garde Japanese band during the 80s. They’re most known for heavily using elements of children’s music in their work, then combining those elements with genres like experimental, avant-garde, and new-wave. The band consisted of Kaoru Todoroki and Yuji Asuka. Sadly the band came to an end, legend has it one of the members went to prison for drug charges.

Picky Picnic are one of my most absolute top favorite things that have ever and ever will happen in music. They’re absolutely brilliant and incredible. They would often make their own little choirs with just the two of them, doing multiple recordings, and pitching up the voices to (almost) sound like children. Simplistic childish melodies over drum machine patterns. Everything in a lo-fi haze. All of their music sounds like warped drugged out children’s music and it’s incredible, brilliant, and amazing.

I love this band so insanely much.

Here’s a good amount of their music

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