Christine 23 Onna – Acid Eater

12313670_797073377068676_2938793442022127949_nAcid Eater is an album by Christine 23 Onna released on the label Midi Creative in 2002. Christine 23 Onna is Maso Yamazaki’s (better known as Masonna) psychedelic rock band. For those who don’t know, Masonna is a harsh noise musician.

This is an awesome album of 60s inspired psychedelic rock that contains elements of experimental and noise. The album consists of repetitive guitar and bass, electronic synthesizers, and sometimes accompanied by spastic drumming and heavy use of effects.

I love this album and had the luck to find it in store, was $25 but I got it anyways~
Collectors gotta collect~

If by the off chance you completely luck out and find this gem on the low, GET IT.

Here’s some tracks from the album, the first is my favorite~



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