Collection Update

Might as well do this before the large amount of vinyl I ordered arrive~

Here’s a collection update~!
(Collection updates are for my physical collection only)

Mouse On Mars – Iaora Tahiti
Tomoe Shinohara – Super Model
Merzbow – Pulse Demon
Hoahio – Ohayo! Hoahio!
Cock E.S.P. – The Pride Of North American Noise
Disc – Brave2ep
Christine 23 Onna – Acid Eater
Denki Groove – Voxxx
??? – Thai Norteast Indigenolis Music
Richard Chartier – Series
Venetian Snares – Find Candace
Tujiko Noriko – Blurred In My Mirror
丹丹 – Misc Children’s CD
Kid Spatula – Spatula Freak
Akiko Yano – Hitotsudake The Very Best Of Akiko Yano
Various – Extreme Music From Japan
Yasunao Tone – MP3 Deviations #6+7
Kid606 – “down with the scene”
Mark Fell – Periodic Orbits Of A Dynamic System Related To A Knot
2$ Egg – Lebt
Evil Moisture / Commode Minstrels In Bullface ‎- Tribute To Hershell Gordon Lewis
あやね ふくみ – 音楽ディスク
James Richardson – F.O.X.
Grace Smith – Ubiquitous
James Richardson – #13
Bridget Lee – >.<;
DJ Cloudheart + DWCRASH – Piping Hot Joseph
Bridget Lee – The Desired Effect
James Richardson – House Fox [Extended Edition]

Also, since I’m not uploading the whole CD since it’s mostly just a girl telling a story and doing voices for each character, even the males, here’s one of the few non-story songs from the Chinese CD, enjoy~

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