Various – Dangdut House Koplo campursari

Dangdut House Koplo campursari Full Album Ojo Sembrono
Guess who’s back to posting! I’ve been gone so long that the page to write articles looks different. Dangdut House Koplo campursari is a surely pirated compilation released on a really sketchy site in who knows when.

This album is made up of some pretty cool Indonesian pop songs. If you’ve been a long time follower you should remember my post about Ojo Sembrono, they have a track on here. Some of the songs amazingly sound similar to Katra Turana, a Japanese avant-garde band from the 80s. This is some really cool/interesting and good music~!

Alright, now to talk about the funny story about finding this. I Googled Ojo Sembrono and find a Discogs type site which was only music like this. It had links which did nothing and triggered my antivirus a billion times. I managed to find a link that brought me to a blogspot that looked like a badly designed website. I tried exploring the site a bit but it constantly triggered my antivirus. There was also pixel-art porn ads making it through my adblock, they were legit permanently embedded into the site. Also a totally pointless chat with someone talking about sex, cleverly using their username in the sentences they were writing. I found this album (and tons more) but there’s no way I’m downloading anything from this site. So I had to rip the audio streams with Audacity. I never finished so there’s one song missing in the download. Even though there’s awesome music there I’m not sure I want to go back, since I got a virus! I didn’t download anything but got a virus from there. Ever since I did the ripping (which took a long time) Firefox started running like crap. Then I got weird false error messages saying I need to restart Firefox since my memory is near full, that doesn’t even make sense and was a lie! Then it repeatedly crashed Firefox, made hidden files visible, and corrupted a picture. Maybe I’ll brave the site again but for now, nope.

Anyways, here’s a safe upload of the album missing the final song. No idea why almost all the songs are titled Merry.


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