SHAKABOOZ & 大阪ミュウミュウ – Neu Star

Neu Star is an EP by SHAKABOOZ & 大阪ミュウミュウ which was self-released(?) in 2014. SHAKABOOZ is an excellent rapper and I have other releases by him but this is my first experience with 大阪ミュウミュウ, and she’s adorable ♥
This EP is J-rap.

大阪ミュウミュウ raps in a cute little voice and she actually pulls it off quite well. It sounds really good and unique. SHAKABOOZ is awesome as always, presenting both rapping and a cross between rapping and singing. The beats and melodies on this album have a dark feel to them and sometimes a slight sci-fi vibe. There’s a track on it that features a bunch of people on it including 野崎りこん that’s hard and awesome. The juxtaposition between the rough sounding thug rap and the cutesy girl vocals is awesome~!

Watch the music video for one of the tracks and download below~


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