BiS階段 – BiS階段

I’ve been wanting to post about this idol group forever and I’m finally doing it. BiS階段 is an album by BiS階段 (BiS Kaidan) released on three different labels in 2013 (and one version in 2014). BiS階段 are a collaboration between Hijokaidan and BiS, making BiS階段 a noise idol group. Yep, idol j-pop and noise~! There’s also two different vinyl versions with different album covers.

The j-pop on the album is pretty nice for the style it’s in. Has lots of rock elements but is still pretty good j-pop~! The noise in this is awesome too~! The noise is very screechy and my brother complained about it being “annoying” which let’s you know that it’s good~! In addition to the girls singing they also scream throughout the tracks which sounds awesome~! The final track is a full on noise track with an acapella of the girls singing in reverse.

BiS階段 are my favorite idol group and are such an awesome thing that exists. Sadly the group is no longer active. During their final show they played their song Nerve 13 times in a row.

EDIT: The track 好き好き大好き is a cover of a song by the same name by Jun Togawa.

Check out some tracks here, a music video and live versions


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