Gatter Urbage – Jeansfetish

Sorry that I haven’t been posting again lately, I’m back to it now. Jeansfetish is a 2015 album by Gatter Urbage released on Fat Cock Records in 2015, yesterday actually. This album is noise.

Each track on this album is 2:42 long. The tracks have elements of HNW but are not HNW. It’s because in all the tracks there is a deep crackly noise that would be HNW by itself. Butt (lol purpose typo), there is other stuff going on which makes this a regular noise album. Higher pitched noise made out of slapping, sex moans, and other sounds overlay the HNW backing. These sounds with their higher frequencies cut through the low frequency HNW very well and this album is excellent~! This is a great addition to your pornographic music collection, ASSuming you have one, if you don’t then start one.

For those that don’t know, HNW = harsh noise wall.

Listen and download for free here


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