Smany – komoriuta

komoriuta is an album by Smany released on Bunkai-Kei Records in 2013. This album is downtempo and ambient avant-pop. Smany has a similar style to Tujiko Noriko, so if you like Tujiko you’ll probably like this.

This album has really pretty melodies that pair nicely with her vocals which are in a style I love. Hard to describe but they sound really nice in avant-pop stuff and in general, airy and very soft. As often with the genre this album uses elements of downtempo IDM and ambient in the music accompanying her vocals. The album is slow and beautiful. This is a great album to listen to and just relax.

Also unrelated, I totally forgot but my anti-virus is expiring today. I refuse to use my computer when I don’t have anti-virus on it so there might be a hiatus again.

Listen and download for free here

If free downloads run out you can get it for free from the label’s website


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