Chris Clark – Clarence Park

Clarence Park is a 2001 album by Chris Clark (who now goes by Clark) released on Warp. This dude isn’t that obscure (if at all) in the world of IDM, but this album is really good and important to me~! It’s one of the first electronica albums I’ve heard and one of the albums that made me really fall in love with music, specifically electronica.

This album is Clark’s debut album and consists of 14 tracks of IDM and ambient. The melodies on this album are really awesome. Especially on his track, Lord Of The Dance, which is one of the best songs ever created and is perfect. It really takes me back to being a kid, especially since I somehow forgot about this album for a long time. The melodies in both the IDM and ambient tracks are really nice, sometimes squelchy and sometimes beautiful, he has a unique sound too. Of course the percussion is really good too.

Listen to Lord Of The Dance and the full album below
pissofftheneighbor pissofftheneighbor pissofftheneighbor


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