Denki Groove – 662 BPM BY DG

662 BPM BY DG is an album by 電気グルーヴ (Denki Groove) released in 1990 on the labels SSE Communications and Denki Groove Sound Systems.

Denki Groove are mostly associated with house, techno, and related genres with J-pop vocals. But this album is a mix of upbeat rap and J-pop, it has a very dated sound and is also my favorite album by them. The percussion used and the beats themselves are dated (which I love) and are sometimes accompanied by record scratching (which I also love). This album is very upbeat and high energy and the rap style fits it very well.

As I said earlier, this album also has some J-pop. The J-pop songs sound very much like 人生 (ZIN-ZAY!) and that’s because Denki Groove has some of the same members as ZIN-ZAY! ~! The J-pop tracks are really good and I really love the melodies and vocals in these tracks~! Despite being different genres the album has a consistent sound.

Half way into the album there’s a short experimental track then five silent tracks totaling five minutes. The album then closes with an 11 minute long track that has a darker feel than the rest of the album.

Also I absolutely love the bass in this album~!

Listen to the full album here


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