Balrog – Khazad Dum

Khazad Dum is an album by Balrog that was self-released in 2014. The genre for this album is dungeon synth. Dungeon synth is a subgenre of dark ambient that uses medieval & fantasy themes and sometimes melodies. The genre is almost entirely synthesizers but also sometimes percussion. This album has tracks that feature medieval-style melodies and tracks that do not, both are good.

This is a very nice album and the tracks range from sounding like you’re traveling across middle earth and others sound like you’re deep in a medieval dungeon. I played this album while playing Dwarf Fortress (adventurer mode) and it fit it very well. Music for when you’re heading out of the village or town, music for when you’re wondering through the bleak nothingness of winter, music for when you’re exploring a tomb or dungeon, and music for your demise.

This is an awesome album, download and listen for free here


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