George Antheil ‎- Ballet Mécanique – A Jazz Symphony – Violin Sonata 1 & 2

Ballet Mécanique – A Jazz Symphony – Violin Sonata 1 & 2 is an album by George Antheil. The four tracks on this album were composed in the years 1923 and 1925, but this particular album/grouping of the tracks was released in 1977. This album is modern classical.

The first track, Ballet Mécanique, was composed in 1925 and is a good example of late futurism because of it’s use of plane propellers and telephones. This is by far my favorite song by him. The constant changes in melodies & instruments and the melodies themselves makes it sound like a chaotic episode of Tom & Jerry. This song is really awesome and one of my favorite classical tracks~!

The second track, A Jazz Symphony, uses various wind instruments to help deliver the jazz aspect. This song has a similar sound to the first track with the constant changes of melodies and instruments. This song ranges between happy and dark sounds/vibes.

The third track sounds dark and I don’t know how to say this “emergency-like”, like it could be played for a rushing ambulance or something similar. This track isn’t spoaratic like the first two but keeps a similar style. The third track carries the same happy & dark mix going and is also very good~!

Listen to the tracks here


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