I have two updates to make, guess I’ll do the fun one first.

I recently got some more stuff added to my physical collection~!

• Minayo Watanabe, Sayuri Kokusho, Sonoko Kawai, Sanae Johnouchi, Marina Watanabe ‎– Merry X’mas For You (Genre: J-pop, 1986)
• 高井麻巳子 (Mamiko Takai) ‎– いとぐち (Genre: J-pop, 1987)

IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861
Both of these are 12″es and one is a picture disc~! Both of these album are super good, I’m really happy that I bought them~! All of these girls were J-pop idols in the 80s and part of the super group Onyanko Club.

Alright now the non-fun update. I haven’t been posting lately since I’m at an EXTREMELY stressful and busy time of my life and was also recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery. I’ll possibly be without internet for an unknown amount of time in a few days. So for now the blog is on hiatus. It could be for a few more days, or for a few weeks. Once things are situated I’ll go back to posting regularly~!


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