Bodily Wastes – Intestinal Parasitic Bezoar

Intestinal Parasitic Bezoar is an album by Bodily Wastes that was self-released in 2009. The genres for this are noisegrind and gorenoise, both really abrasive subgenres of grindcore.

Bodily Wastes is one of my favorite grind related things and this album is awesome~! The vocals on this album are insane. So heavily edited and modified that it sounds like a mixture of a clogged sink and something that doesn’t exist, maybe some crazy alien insect-like creature drowning. You can hear the vocals very well in the opening track, The Sight of Fecalfilled Colostomy Bags and Urine Soaked Adult Diapers Causes Sudden Lust for Fetishistic Perversions Outwardly Expressed in Quickened Pulse and Dripping Saliva, since it’s an acapella. The vocal style varies throughout but it’s consistently amazing.

The guitars are extremely heavily distorted to the point of becoming unrecognizable noise, I’m assuming it’s guitars by the way. It’s very noisy and very awesome. The percussion is loud and fast which is also awesome. All the songs except for, “Pleasant Refreshment by Abundant Fountain of Bloodmixed Urine and Liquid Stool Squirting Simultaneously Out of the Juicy Twat of a Female Suffering From Rectovaginal Fistula, Haematuria and Severe Indigestion”, are under a minute, usually around 30 seconds. The track I just mentioned has an intro that is as long as the title and has an experimental feel to it. Some type of gargle porn or something? I really don’t know but it has a unique sound and is perfect for something like this.

Download for free here


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