Finger Head Milk Tea – 由緒正しき三十代無職童貞ゴア次郎と眼鏡巨乳変態おんなのこパズルのドロドロ脱腸宣言

由緒正しき三十代無職童貞ゴア次郎と眼鏡巨乳変態おんなのこパズルのドロドロ脱腸宣言 is a self-released EP by Finger Head Milk Tea released at an unknown date. This EP consists of two cybergrind tracks.

This is a good and fast EP that’s pretty awesome for almost fully electronic cybergrind. The percussion has both electronic and acoustic drums (all done digitally tho) ranging between slower (but still fast) to around speedcore and splittercore BPMs in some parts. The vocals are awesome too and done in a few different styles. Guitars are digital but still sound good.

Listen and download for free here

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