The Gerogerigegege – Live Greatest Hits

Live Greatest Hits is an album by The Gerogerigegege released on Vis A Vis Audio Arts in 1991. This album is a collection of three live performances from 1991, 1990, and 1987. What’s the main audio in this album? A dude moaning as he jacks off of course~!

Yep, you read that right. If you’re not familiar with this band then I’ll let you know now, their main thing that set them apart from other bands/artists of the time was a consistent masturbation theme. Either songs based on it or songs that are just the audio of it. In this album Gero 30 (one of the two main members, the rest are guests) moans and masturbates through the entire album, sometimes screaming/shouting as well. Accompanying him is a drum machine and some misc sounds. This is an awesome album from one of my favorite experimental/noise bands. I think everyone who likes experimental music should hear it.

Listen to the whole thing here


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