mYSTERIOUS sUMMER vACATION is a 2013 album by Meishi Smile released on Maltine. I forgot this was on Maltine until after I already chose to talk about this (I’ve had this since it came out pretty much so been awhile). Anyways, sorry for posting two things from the same label so close to each other again.

This album is a series of remixes he’s done, some of the remixed things include Sotaisei Riron and the Chobits opening. This is a dance music album pulling elements from mostly house but sometimes also dreampop. The combination of this with the sampled, cut up, and reworked j-pop vocals sounds really nice. The album mostly sounds pretty summery but my favorite track, バーモント・キッス (DREAM POP RMX.), the Sotaisei Riron remix, sounds like the soundtrack for a night drive through a city, if that makes any sense. Anyways, this is an awesome album and my favorite from him.

Listen and download for free here


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