Esophageal Prolapse – お兄ちゃん大好き!

お兄ちゃん大好き! is an EP by Esophageal Prolapse self-released in 2014. Been awhile, too long, since I’ve posted some proper grindcore, so here’s some good grindcore. This EP is cybergrind, loligrind, noisegrind, and gorenoise. Also this is the good kind of cybergrind, it uses gabber/speedcore kicks, no silly midi guitars. I love speedcore, I love noisegrind, I love lolis, combine the three and you got awesomeness. Not all the tracks sample female voices tho. The usage of gabber/speedcore kicks gives it a distinct sound compared to the heavy usage of snares in lots of grindcore, which I love but it’s nice to switch things up. His guitars are good and so are his vocals. The elements of noisegrind and gorenoise are nice too.

Listen & download this awesome EP for free here–2


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