Hot Butter – Popcorn

Whoops, didn’t post for two days. Been dealing with wisdom teeth stuff so yeah.

Popcorn is a 1972 album by Hot Butter released on a ton of different labels. You’ve most likely heard the hook from the first track, Popcorn. That track has popped (LOL) up in dance music a bit, Aphex Twin even sampled it under his Caustic Window alias. This album uses mostly lots of old synthesizers but sometimes guitar and the sort is added as well. Apparently most of the tracks are covers.

This album has an old “background music on TV” sort of sound if that makes sense. I found them by watching early 80s Weather Channel videos, hearing Popcorn, recognizing it since the Caustic Window track, then tracked down the sample. It’s nice and calming to listen to, has an oddly warm feel to it. Reminds me of playing Harvest Moon in a way.

Also if you’re wondering, some copies do have an actual popcorn box glued to them.

Listen to it all here


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