Silvanian Families – Individual Four And Alpha Stars

Individual Four And Alpha Stars is an EP by Silvanian Families released on Maltine Records in 2012. Silvanian Families is known for his amazing moeclick compositions. Moeclick is a sub-genre of tech-house and garage that uses tiny samples of anime and j-pop to build up the melodies, rhythms, and sometimes even percussion. Synths, bass, etc can or cannot be added, this EP has them added.

Silvanian Families is my favorite moeclick producer and this is definitely my favorite that they’ve put out. He slices and puts together the tiny samples with perfection. Everything sounds just how it should be, precise and no messy unnecessary bits. He’s super good at building things with vocal samples, it’s amazing how good he is at this. The addition of synths and the sort really push it over the edge and make it pure awesome. The melodies are awesome and yeah, it’s just awesome.

Listen and download for free here


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