Automatic Tasty – World Wide Web

World Wide Web is an album by Automatic Tasty released on Acroplane Recordings in 2010. The genre for this album is acid, one of my favorite genres. This is also of the melodic/braindance side of acid and not acid-techno type stuff.

Despite being made just a few years ago this album has somewhat of an 80s vibe to it. To my mom all music sounds like “80s cop movie music” and I think some of the tracks on here like “ISDN Romance” would take the cake on that. The drums, melodies, and choice of synthesizers cause the 80s sound, but I think it’s awesome, ISDN Romance is my favorite track on this album. The melodies and sound of this album is really awesome. It has that acid sound I love but is unique in a way, some of the tracks sound happier then most acid stuff. And the ones that have the same personality of most acid are also really good. This is a really awesome album~!

Download here (seems they no longer host downloads for a ton of albums so I uploaded it myself)

Listen to some tracks


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