YOKOZUNA-bot – YOKOZUNA koko ni aru!

Here’s another thing from Grindcore Karaoke because screw it why not, this album is noise and not grind related at all and totally different than the other album I posted from this label.

Ever wondered what it would sound like if a bunch of Japanese girls had an orgy at a noise show? Well, thanks to YOKOZUNA-bot you can finally know what it sounds like, and it’s as awesome as you could imagine. YOKOZUNA koko ni aru! is a 2012 album by YOKOZUNA-bot released on Grindcore Karaoke. This is a noise album that has TONS of porn samples, some songs sound like they’re entirely made of porn samples. Tons of distorted Japanese girl sex moans and noise~! This album is really good noise too, actually this guy is one of my favorite noise musicians. This album is awesome, excellent noise, great samples, check it out~!

Listen and download for free here


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