Badun – Badun

Badun is an album by Badun released on the label Rump Recordings in 2007. This album is one of those albums that are flawless and everything in it is just perfect. If you like Squarepusher’s Hard Normal Daddy album then you’ll love this.

This album is that area of electronica that doesn’t really fit into a genre, a mix of future jazz, idm, and drill n bass. It’s one of my favorite styles of music (actually probably is my favorite) and Badun really knocks it out of the park. Fast and intricate jazz percussion cut, sliced, and splintered along beautiful awesome melodies. The melodies are made up of both electronic and non-electronic instruments like a bass guitar and an acoustic guitar. I love it when electronica is combined with other instruments like that. This album is really amazing and perfect.

Listen to the whole thing here


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