Richard Chartier – Of Surfaces

Of Surfaces is a 2002 album by Richard Chartier released on Line. Richard Chartier does super minimal and lowercase stuff and it’s awesome. When I listen to this album on max I can still hear everything in the house, that’s minimal done right. Also if you go max volume use headphones, if you use speakers he wants you to play it at a low volume.

This album consists of three tracks, one being 26 minutes long. It ranges between barely audible frequencies, tones, rumbling etc to more audible bass, frequencies, glitchy sounds, and soft fuzzy sounds. This album is awesome and one of my favorite minimal/lowercase albums that have been made. Chartier is the master of the minimal~!

You can listen for free and buy the digital version at the link below. I got the CD though in a store awhile back for like $15.


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