Coppu – Twilight

Twilight is an album by the female J-rap MC, Coppu, released on the label In Ditch in 2011. I really like female Japanese rappers, they just sound really awesome, and Coppu is one of my favorites. The people featured are: Ayaca from Eleph, ANBIAS, and J-REXXX.

If you’ve been following this blog then you already know that I’m about to say that I like rap with good melodies, and yep this album has some awesome melodies. The melodies are pretty and have lots of piano and the sort. Some of them even feel oddly (but in a good way) downtempo. I really like Coppu’s rapping style and flow. Her voice is great and sounds nice with the beats.

I can’t find wherever I got this from but I’m pretty sure it was legit. Here’s a download I uploaded.

Listen to some tracks here


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