Takehisa Kosugi – Catch-Wave

Catch-Wave is an album by Takehisa Kosugi released on CBS/Sony in 1975. This album is ambient and Takehisa Kosugi is a violinist, the violin of course makes it onto this album.

The album consists of two different tracks, the first being Mano-Dharma ’74. This track is made of old synthesizers and his violin. The use of violin in ambient music is really unique and awesome. This track sounds very dissonant and what I could imagine the music being like in a desert on a distant planet. I really enjoy this track and the vibe that it has.

The second track, Wave Code #E-1, uses the same synthesizers, but instead of his violin he uses his voice. His vocals are spoken words and miscellaneous sounds. The vocals have various effects on them like delay and phasing. This track also sounds very dissonant but has a different feel to it due the change of violin to vocals.

Listen to this awesome LP here


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