Fucked In Shit – Mundo Feliz De Pus

Mundo Feliz De Pus is an album by Fucked In Shit released on Registros De Merda in 2011. The genre he makes is shitfunk. “What they hell is shitfunk?” you possibly wonder. Well it’s a bizarre little microgenre from Brazil. It mixes elements of cybergrind, porngrind, ghettotech, horrorcore, speedcore, turntablism, and Brazilian dance music. It doesn’t have anything to do with funk and I think most people would refer to it as “shitcore”. To my knowledge this guy is like the only person who makes shitfunk. He also goes by WhoreCumBlast (for speedcore) and MC Cockslap (for horrorcore), probably more names too.

Ghettotech is known for it’s low-quality sound because of the lack of proper equipment. It’s somewhat minimal, no effects, and lots of sample spamming. Usually just a beat and samples played on top of it. Some of the beats on this are just known breaks like the think break just played at a different speed. Brazil has it’s own version of ghettotech, I don’t know the official name for it tho. He combines this with some awesome grindcore vocals and spams porn, squish, and spring sounds over it. It’s silly but oddly really entertaining to listen too.

Download the 19 track album here


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