Peter Sotos – Buyer’s Market

If you’ve ever looked at the “About” on this blog and wondered what my “profile” picture was, well it’s a parody of the Buyer’s Market album cover.

Buyer’s Market is a 1992 album by Peter Sotos released on the label AWB Recording. This album consists of five tracks, the longest being 17 minutes and the shortest being nine minutes. It entirely consists of samples taken from interviews about rape, child molestation, and murder. All of these samples are real (guessing but they probably are for a project like this.)

There’s zero instruments, artistic arrangements, or effects, this is seriously just a collection of messed up samples. The tracks are sorted by theme, most being about child abuse, usually sexual. The first track, the 17 minute one, titled “Children” is the best and worst on this album. I say this because it’s the most messed up so on something trying to be messed up it did it’s job well, so it’s also the worst morally. Sample after sample of people talking about being abused or how their kids were abused, beaten, killed, and raped. If anyone says whatever metal they’re listening to is “disturbing” just show them the last minute of children. It’s a little kid crying and screaming because they don’t want to see their dad that raped them.

This is a really interesting album and I think everyone that likes experimental and off-the-wall music should give it a listen. Sadly the Youtuber has taken down the full album video but some tracks are on Youtube. The Children video is not the full track.


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