Cutos – ゆりゆららららゆるゆり大事件(Cutos Remix)

I got messaged on MyAnimeList about the blog earlier so why not post something anime related. ゆりゆららららゆるゆり大事件(Cutos Remix) is a 2013 self-released single. It’s a Drum n Bass remix of the Yuru Yuri opening. Yuru Yuri is 10/10 amazing by the way.

I really like this remix, I like the original song used, the beats are clean and very well programmed, and the additional melodies he has done sound extremely nice with the vocal sample. It creates an atmosphere that I really like but it’s too hard to explain, anyways, beautiful dance music.This is a really nice remix and “club style” drum n bass track~! I just wish he put one of the characters on the cover tho. It being just text is so boring and unfitting for something like this.

Listen here

Download here


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