Sorry for not posting in so long. I just kinda stopped, not sure why. Anyways, I’ll be back to posting daily~!

Also during the absence I’ve gotten new stuff in my physical collection. Tons of digital too but physical is much more exciting so will only post updates for the physical collection.

Here’s the new stuff~
The Gerogerigegege – Senzuri Fight Back (1994, Genres: Noise)
渡辺美奈代 (Minayo Watanabe) – アマリリス (1987, Genre: J-pop)
Napkin Terrorizer – Your Crazy Feelings (2015, Genre: Lolicore) [Limited to 8 copies]
Napkin Terrorizer – Pool and Shirt and – Homework (2015, Genre: Lolicore) [Limited to 7 copies]
赤座あかり (三上枝織) – 「ゆるゆり」ゆるゆりのうたシリーズ♪01~私,主役の赤座あかりです/赤座あかり (2014, Genre: J-pop)
斉藤由貴 (Yuki Saito) – Axia (1985, Genre: J-pop)

Also want to point out, I do have the obi for the 赤座あかり (三上枝織) CD. I just keep it flat inside the cases to prevent fold wear.


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