Aryan Assault – A Call To Arms

A Call To Arms is a 2013 EP by Aryan Assault on the label Wolfsangel Productionen. This release is experimental NSBM. NSBM stands for National Socialist Black Metal, so Nazi black metal.

What makes this release “experimental NSBM” is the use of noise and techno elements. The EP is nice and noisy, lots of distortion but all the instruments are still distinguishable (mostly). I really like the noisy aspect to this, sometimes the vocals get almost Masonna like. The techno elements are interesting too. Some electronic synth loops here and there and use of electronic kicks in some parts. One the most noticeable moments is in the track “This Is My Plague, This is my war” which has a reverse bass very similar to Feindflug’s Ätherkrieg, which is funny since Feindflug is anti-NS. This kick does not play through the whole track tho. The final track “Warfare (A Call To Arms Remix)” is more of a noise track then it is a NSBM track. Moments of noise/industrial in between calm moments of an electronic synth. This track uses lots of electronic kicks too but heavily distorted, not clean like in the other track I mentioned. The EP also gets really rhythmic at times.

This is an awesome EP~! And it’s ok if you don’t support NS crap, I don’t myself. But good music is good music.

Listen to the whole thing here


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