John Chowning – Turenas · Stria · Phoné · Sabelithe

Turenas · Stria · Phoné · Sabelithe is a 1988 album by John Chowning released on the label WERGO. The tracks were written in 1980-1981, 1972, 1977, and 1971. John Chowning experiments with electronic music and discovered the FM Synthesis which sounds very much like a real gong. He experimented and explored frequencies and sounds to create electronic sounds that sound like real string instruments and voices. He also helped make synthesizers and the sort for Yamaha.

The genre for this would be something like “experimental ambient” but the structure of the songs is very similar to classical music. Minimalistic compositions entirely composed with his own creative experimentation with electronic sound. Some of the sounds sound very much like what they’re simulating and some other sounds sound much more electronic. The combination of these two give a really good sound and feel to the album. The songs differ between more “normal” compositions to frantic blips similar to Nobukazu Takemura’s minimal stuff but if it had less silence. My favorite tracks are Turenas and Sabelithe.


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