Various – Document 02 – Sine

Document 02 – Sine is a minimal and ambient compilation released on the label Dorobo in 1995. The artists on this are Ryoji Ikeda, Dumb Type, Yoshio Ojima, Satsuki Shibano & Yoshio Ojima, and Satsuki Shibano.

Ryoji Ikeda’s tracks on this are mostly a combination of drone and minimal. Bleak drones combined with high pitched beeps and tones. His track “Zone 4” has a beat created by deep bass and a high hat, of course accompanied by high pitched beeps that sound like a heart monitor of someone going into cardiac arrest.

The Dumb Type tracks on this are ambient. The track “Water” uses drone-ish and non-drone melodies combined with various sounds that sound like a combination of radio static, walkie talkies, and waves to create an awesome ambiance. The second track “Love/Sex” consists of an ambient synthesizer loop, piano, speaking, and a tiny bit of electronic percussion. The body of this track is the ambient loop and the other things, mostly the piano, are added onto it. This track sounds really pretty and somehow melancholic.

The Yoshio Ojima track “Postscript (For Silence)” sounds a lot darker then the other tracks on this compilation. Sounds that sound like metal tubes falling far off in the distance combined with deep rumbling and dark ambient melodies. It’s a really nice track that stands out but doesn’t mess up the flow of the album. His track with Satsuki Shibano is the longest on the album, 18:40 long. This song is heavily piano driven. The piano melody loops and gradually develops and evolves throughout the track. The piano is accompanied by Satsuki Shibano speaking in french. Gradually throughout the track various elements are added, electronic sounds and reverb-y bass/percussion substitutes similar to Tujiko Noriko. This track is very pretty and one of my favorites on the release.

The album closes with Satsuki Shibano’s solo track “Mots D’amour”. This track is a minimal experimental track. Speaking, various talking samples, and various tapping sounds that sound like ping pong balls bouncing around. There’s also various banging sounds and the sort. This track is similar to some of Kiyoshi Mizutani’s stuff. This track is my other favorite on this album.

Only a few of the tracks are on Youtube


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