Vomit Massacre – Мои Сновидения (TETSURO prod.)

Мои Сновидения is a 2014 self-released single by Vomit Massacre and produced by TETSURO. Despite the name this track is rap and not grindcore. Although Vomit Massacre is known for combining grindcore vocals with rap this track does not have any grind elements. To specify rap subgenre, this is horrorcore.

Мои Сновидения is themed on the awesome free-ware game Yume Nikki. The game having no real dialog and having tons of bizarre visuals creates players to think up crazy, usually depressive, theories of what the hell is going on. Despite not being able to understand the lyrics I can tell this is about one of the scenes in the game which I can’t say (spoilers).

The song is very downtempo and sad sounding. The vocals sound very depressed with no happiness or hope in them. The only emotion in his vocals is despair. I’ve mentioned in another post once that I love vocals like these, and he does a great job at them. The beat produced by TETSURO is excellent and helps carry the sound and feel of the track. The addition of birds chirping in some parts gives it a really awesome sound. I said at the start of this review that it’s horrorcore, but it doesn’t really have a horrorcore sound. This track sounds really pretty and is unique, also my mom thinks it’s weird.

Download and listen for free here


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