Aloe Island Posse – Welcome to Aloe Island

Welcome to Aloe Island is a 2014 self-released album by Aloe Island Posse. Aloe Island Posse makes future funk which despite it’s name is much more disco than it is funk. Future funk is closely tied to vaporwave, both are “aesthetic” plunderphonics genres. What makes future funk different tho is that it’s all danceable, sounds like disco, and not slowed down. Some future funk produces do more original remixes while some are far more plunderphonics, either way both are very enjoyable. Also, plunderphonics means sample based music where the musician edits pre-existing songs.

This album has a fun summery kind of feel to it. Besides for some obvious chopping/looping I’m not sure what he has really done to the sample material, there’s more samples listed then tracks so maybe mash ups? This release combines what sound like 80s J-pop vocals with disco instrumentals. The tracks are then flawlessly chopped and looped, it’s very smooth. This is one of my favorite future funk releases, it sounds really good. My favorite tracks on this release are “Daydreamer // ロマンス” and “アロエ島 Discotheque

Listen and download for free here
(the free download is the link under “MIRROR DOWNLOAD”)


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