Leafcutter John – The Housebound Spirit

The Housebound Spirit is a 2003 album by Leafcutter John released on the label Planet Mu. Leafcutter John makes abstract and leftfield IDM and experimental stuff often using found sounds (recordings of real world sounds like pots and pans, zippers, etc) and elements of folk rock.

The biggest question in this would probably be the folk rock elements and if you’re concerned about it, don’t be. He makes it work wonderfully to create an awesome unique sound. This aspect is created by the use of guitars and the occasional usage of vocals. These elements are then creatively paired with abstract IDM and electronic sounds creating a really unique listening experience.

This release also uses lots of found sounds. The track “Escape From The Globus Playpen” is an IDM cacophony of pots and pans, squeaky gates, and brooms sweeping. The majority of this album is too abstract to be anywhere near danceable, despite IDM meaning “Intelligent Dance Music” it’s not always danceable. Also some of the songs are closer to full on leftfield than leftfield IDM. That might have been confusing but anyways it’s an awesome album.

Here’s some tracks to listen to


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