fuji grid tv – prism genesis

prism genesis is a 2011 self-released album by fuji grid tv. fuji grid tv is the same person behind Macintosh Plus, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, among a few other names.

This album is my absolute favorite vaporwave album ever made. This release is really unique and different from other vaporwave albums. The release entirely consists of samples taken from 80s and 90s Japanese television. The samples are mostly just chopped and not so much screwed. Background music from commercials and shows cut up, looped, and arranged perfectly. The majority of the samples that are used have talking in them. Many of the songs sound more like a collection of samples because of little to no editing in some of the tracks. It really sounds like you went back in time and started watching Japanese television.

This release also very much carries the consumerism theme of vaporwave.


Also since the whole thing is on Youtube

Prism Corp. International
We Know Who You’re Working For.™


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