Sun Devoured Earth – I Wish I Would Never Wake Up

I Wish I Would Never Wake Up is an EP by Sun Devoured Earth self-released in 2011. Sun Devoured Earth is a one-man-band from Latvia and he makes post-black metal, shoegaze/blackgaze, atmospheric-black metal, and post-rock, always with a depression theme.

As with all his stuff this release sounds very melancholic. The melodies are really awesome in this and sound sad. The vocals are in two different styles on this EP. This first style are in a very “depressing” style, they sound like someone with no hope singing. I really like vocals where the vocalist sounds depressed and his vocals are awesome. The other vocals are black metal and screamo type vocals which help deliver the black metal aspect of this release. Songs vary from slower more shoegaze stuff to fast black metal type stuff. It all still carries the melancholic melodies and stays post-black metal. This is my favorite release by him~!

Listen here

Download for free here


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