Moondog – More Moondog

More Moondog is a 1956 album by Moondog released on the label Prestige. Moondog was a homeless and blind experimental jazz/classical composer that often dressed like a viking. He’s a very interesting dude so I recommend doing some research on his life story~!

Moondog has a series of mostly percussion instruments that he invented and those appear on this release. He had been fascinated with percussion since he was a kid and his style is very much inspired by his experiences with Native Americans. The percussion is very tribal and rather experimental for his time, basically no one else was doing stuff like this stuff like this. The release is mostly drum driven, think like a 50s Muslimgauze that liked The Great Plains instead of The Middle East and got into jazz.

The drums are accompanied by an assortment of sounds. Harps, field recordings (traffic sounds, playing with dogs, hanging out with people, etc), some kind of wind instruments, and sometimes pianos and other more normal instruments. Of course the addition of traffic sounds and chatting with friends is experimental but this album has other experimental moments as well. There’s a track of playing a drum with a bird feather, a song with Native American style chanting which reminds me of Zoviet France’s Shout The Storm, also just the fact that this album was released in the 50s. Of course there’s earlier experimental music dating all the way back to 1913 with Luigi Russolo but this is still amazing for the time. Also the melodies when present are very pretty.

Listen to this awesome album here


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