Super Ball – Super Ball

Super Ball’s self-titled release was self-released in 1993. Super Ball were a short-lived experimental band in Japan that consisted entirely of school girls.

The release starts off with what sound like jingle bells accompanied by one of the girls reciting repetitive lyrics. The vocals are spoken, not sung. There’s vocals continue like this throughout the release. It goes into some stuff with an instrument I can’t identify, a guitar, and a clacking sound. The guitar is being played regularly, it sounds like someone randomly plucking strings before actually playing. Later in the release the guitar is strummed but still sounds experimental. The album is also full of recorders, the wind instrument not sound recorders.

This is an awesome album and really interesting/awesome that a group of school girls made it. If you like experimental stuff you should definitely check it out.

This would probably be near-impossible to hunt down to buy but you can listen here


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