Zpore Zpawn – Selected Aphex Drunk Recordings 2015

Selected Aphex Drunk Recordings 2015 is a 2015 self-released album by Zpore Zpawn. This album fully consists of drunk acapella covers of Aphex Twin tracks, and goes without saying this is a very silly release.

Percussion like that of an inebriated Dokaka and slurred melodies are what make up this release. Some of the tracks you can tell how drunk they were like on the track “Milk Men” (which is obviously a cover of Milkman) the lyrics are partially in Japanese with “oi! oi!” added. Some of the tracks are very recognizable like the Xtal cover “Xtaru” and the Rhubarb cover “Rubhirb“. The latter being my favorite track on this release, nothing like hearing two guys sing an ambient instrumental song with the sounds of beers being opened and consumed.

Download and listen for free here


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