BLACK KRAY & JAYYEAH – Back to the Wi✞chhouse

Back to the Wi✞chhouse is an EP by BLACK KRAY & JAYYEAH released on GOTH MONEY RECORDS in apparently 2006 which I highly doubt. An educated guess is 2013 – 2015 is the year of release.

BLACK KRAY & JAYYEAH have combined elements of cloudrap with witch house. Cloudrap is like atmospheric rap and witch house is much closer to trap and hip-hop then it is house, this release sounds nothing like house. This is an awesome EP. BLACK KRAY has a very nice vocal style and many of the vocals have been edited. Delay, pitch shifts, and some unknown effects that give him a really unique and awesome sound. The beats are where the witch house elements come in. The beats range from a darker sound to more melodic stuff. The beats are heavily trap influenced. The whole release is lo-fi and awesome.

Now a ramble about stuff that doesn’t relate to the sound.
Witch house is also an aesthetic and not just a music genre. Other then the cross in the title they have stepped away from the witch house aesthetic, no triangles, no occult stuff, and no weird letters. Probably since BLACK KRAY is much more closer to the health goth aesthetic, like a mix of sports wear, goth, and seapunk. That’s why it says “GOTH” everywhere in a rap album.

Listen for free and purchase here

Also since someone put it all on Youtube


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