Youchien Dream – Youchien Dream

Youchien Dream is a one track release by Youchien Dream released on Tapirs Records at an unknown date. This release contains one track that’s titled “Rain”. This release is nostalgic for me because I remember finding it on Youtube years ago then not being able to remember the name. I thankfully have remembered it since then and have even done an album with the dude. Also his project is themed on the awesome anime, Hanamaru Youchien.

Youchien Dream makes lighthearted lolicore, if you’re familiar with them think Akamushi and Tsubaki Yeah!. The track is melody driven with only some parts actually having the “core” elements, drum breaks. The melody consists of a calm synth I can’t really describe, string plucks, and piano. The melodies are nice and sound really pretty. During basically the whole track there’s this sound of an ambiance going on, similar to a field recording, sounds like some branches brushing into each other or something. The drum breaks are closer to a jungle break then a breakcore break and it’s all accompanied by anime vocal samples here and there.

Download for free here


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