Dj Himmler – Das Ewige Reich

Has there ever been an album so unintentionally hilarious as Dj Himmler’s Das Ewige Reich? Probably not.

Das Ewige Reich is a wartrance album by Dj Himmler self-released in 2008. Wartrance (also called NS Techno) is a nazi subgenre of trance music. Created for nazis by nazis, and from I can gather this isn’t a joke. What makes wartrance different from regular trance? TONS of Hitler and other nazi related samples, other than that it’s basically trance.

This release is hilarious (and utterly amazing) because it combines all the stereotypes of trance with hate speeches. Hearing Hitler rant and rave(get it!?) over extremely cheesy trance buildups is just too good. It’s fucking hilarious. The melodies are super happy and extremely cheesy (giving Renard a run for his money) and it just adds to the overall enjoyment of the release. This is actually a pretty solid trance release and has more then just comedic value. The tracks are upbeat and hard and the nazi samples actually add to them a lot, WAY better then some shitty singing acapella.

So solute with a glowstick in your hand, 14/88 let’s ravey-rave~!


Also since someone put the whole thing on Youtube


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