Mark Fell – Sentielle Objectif Actualité

Sentielle Objectif Actualité is a 2012 album by Mark Fell released on Editions Mego. This release can be best described as , “abstract minimal house” and I’ll explain why.

Sentielle Objectif Actualité is essentially a house release. Electronic kicks, high-hats, claps, and synths all present. But Mark Fell has taken the concept of house music and transformed it into something awesome. He has made the melodies much more minimal and the percussion much more complex then a simple 4/4 “unce unce unce”. At the start of each song the melodies are extremely minimal then gradually develop throughout the track, still remaining minimal compared to regular house music. Sentielle Objectif Actualité is the house music for artsy folk.

This release is not a digital release, if you like it buy it. You can listen to some tracks here~

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