SHIDO – Someday in the Pocket,Memory to the Future

Someday in the Pocket,Memory to the Future is a seemingly self-released album of an unknown year (but at least 2012) by the Japanese rapper, SHIDO. I downloaded this album from a niconico (Japanese Youtube clone) video a long time ago at probably 3AM so I don’t remember any mention of a label or not. A video he posted of one of the songs on Youtube has no mention of a label but I don’t know if he forgot or what, so seemingly self-released.

This is a great J-rap album and definitely a must-hear for any J-rap enthusiasts. The melodies in the beats are mostly pretty and sound like if the album cover had a sound. Beats range from more original sounding beats to more sample based beats due to the large range of producers, every track being produced by someone else. Despite this the album keeps a consistent and awesome sound. A few of the tracks also have some dubstep elements but don’t go full on into that WUBWUBPOWBBBWUBZZ type stuff, it’s still a hiphop beat.

SHIDO’s vocals are awesome on this release. He has a really good flow that stays concise and fast. He sings a lot in the tracks too which is common for J-rap and he’s pretty good at it. His voice is great and goes nicely with the beats. Lots of this album sounds somehow emotional.

Download this album for free here

Also can listen to a track here


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