i-fls – school zone EP

school zone EP is a self-released 2013 EP by the Japanese lo-fi IDM/ambient artist, i-fls. Or as he calls it on his bandcamp, “Lo-fi based elevator music about melody”, tho it doesn’t give me that “elevator music” sound.

school zone EP is a very beautiful and melancholic release. Many of the songs sound like they have some underlying sadness to it. The track “yuka likes you” sounds both like giddy anticipation for what’s to come but also a worrying and fear of the future. While the track “you are alone” (which is also my favorite) sounds almost µ-Ziq like with a nice happy sound. The track “walking with yukari” which is at a tie for my favorite sounds both happy and sad. This release sounds like the soundtrack to various love stories all in different stages but all taking place during that time between sunset and dusk, refer to album cover.

This release truly is beautiful. The melodies are perfect and the percussion goes along with them excellently. I highly recommend this EP to people that enjoy beautiful downtempo IDM.

Download and listen to for free here


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