LxVxTx – Nasreddin’s donkey Acid boombox

Nasreddin’s donkey Acid boombox is a 2006 experimental noise album by LxTxVx (Lolita Vibrator Torture) released on the label LOLI&PUKE Inc.

This is awesome experimental noise release. Lots of various metal banging, clanks, and clangs which are some of my favorite sounds in experimental music. There are some noise controllers/effects involved but this is much more experimental noise then full on noise. The second track “Vacuum-cleaning a turntable; Train Failure; Sufi sorethroat” utilizes many reversed sounds and goes into a repetitive, meditative, nature that goes well with the Sufi theme. My favorite tracks though are the the first one and the last one (only 3 tracks on this). The final track “Stolen qawwali from inner space; Radio muraqaba” is by far my favorite. Bizarre world percussion, metal clangs and bangs, experimental electronic sounds firing in and gradually blending together, with a deep droning under it all. If you enjoy Merzbow’s more experimental works like his album 抜刀隊 With Memorial Gadgets (later re-released with bonus tracks as Batztoutai With Material Gadgets) then you should definitely enjoy LxTxVx’s Nasreddin’s donkey Acid boombox.

Listen to and download for free here


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