hana sumai – growing pains

growing pains is a 2011 album by hana sumai (all lowercase) on the label Lorazepam Resonance Records. This release consists of seemingly one 17 minute instrumental shoegaze / drone song cut into 6 separate tracks that all blend into eachother.

He combines shoegaze with elements of drone (the ambient kind not the metal kind) very nicely. Tons of fuzzy distortion on the slow guitars sounds really good. The melodies are really awesome and accompanied by some downtempo percussion that sounds almost like a heart beat in the second track. The guitars stick to mostly lower notes while the drones are often in higher notes, creating a very good full sound when together. The drone only tracks are almost on the verge of screeching but enjoyable nonetheless.

Also this guy is Wounder (the background of the site) and the lolicore/breakcore/etc artist Goreshit.

Listen to and download this awesome album for free here


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